Unveil The Power Of Your Body and Mind

There is a time in everyone’s life when we accept that we can’t do anything.
one thing that ruins us all that we can not tell those problems, pain to anyone else because People can make fun of your problems or they may be a bit sad that they can not do anything, but all this teaches us that our problems our pain will always be our own and It is up to us how we deal with these problems.

These are the times when we feel very lonely and everything surrounding us makes us week makes us unfaithful, this gives us so much anger, anxiety.
Overall this is the time when we understand the limitations of ourselves.
Limitation is our own criteria, we have just made our own threshold that on this level we can’t survive or we broke
but the fact is beyond all this, we can’t understand the limitation of ourselves while we are not floating on it.
I am not saying this in regard of Pain but in any situation, we have just made our limitations.

Sometimes we all have felt that either we have faith or not, but in our difficult situations we get a unique energy
that comes from us to deal with the situations and this gives you some kind of push to
do the unexpected thing, But sometimes due to our little faith and less determination, we can not succeed.there are some people that make us rethink that if we have faith, we have consciousness and if we believe in ourselves then there is no such limitations exist that broke us.

Sometimes we think, unexpected is unbelievable but here in this article you will meet some kind
of people who were not so special but their struggle with life makes them a real example of belief, faith and
gives us a power of thinking that can change our mind.

If nothing unusual happens with their lives, life really not give them so much strength but by believing themselves and by revealing their all the fear and body expectations they give us a great example of belief.

Marina Abramovic

she is a performance artist
she with her work shows the relationship between performer and audience, limits of the body, the possibilities of the mind.

I am not going to take too much time to introduce but I am going to tell you the unexpected what she
has done to herself to show the limits of body and mind.

She has done a lot of performances but here I am writing about the best performance by her, where she became an Object for 6 hours, she was so upset by the things that happen surrounding her so she decided to play an act like this.
She allowed people to do any thing with her with the use of 72 objects that are placed on a table, and also it was written In a sign board that in any way they can use these 72 objects on her and If anything happens to her the sole responsibility will be her own. The object consists of the things that give pleasure and harm too such as a rose, Rose thorn, a feather, blade, scissors, a scalpel, a gun and a single bullet.In the initial times, people looked very calm and compassionate but As soon as someone started something wrong, some of them came out and poured water on her
torn her clothes, Some people cut her neck by blade ,some struck her, stuck rose thorns in her stomach, aimed the gun on her head and so on but she does not react because she was an object for 6 hours, although she suffered a lot of pain but didn’t react, only one thing that she was unable to stop was her Tears .With this play, she shows that How Human may be abusive, while the front is weak .it shows that, Those who are second to society, but if they are given
a rebate or they get a chance they will appear in this form.for the 6 hours, no one is passionate about the love they all have destructive nature.

This shows the Abramovic’s faith in her performance, how deep she is in her performance and play that no body limitations can stop her to play.
Clearly, when you enter the state of doing something, with the help of consciousness you can push your body to do things you absolutely could never normally do.If you want to know more about Marina Abramovic you should read this book.

Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio

(Political scientist)
is a Colombian-French politician, former senator, and anti-corruption activist.

She mainly works on the relationship between politician and drug traffickers and she was spreading propaganda to overthrow these smugglers.
As she was a strong presidential candidate and promoting her campaign agenda but in the meanwhile 23 February 2002, in the middle of Colombian guerrilla movement, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt.she was in jail for nearly 6 and half years.
she says about herself that she like challenges, but at the time of the kidnapping, she feels frightened for the first time in her whole life.What she feels in these years have given her so much strength and so much faith because in these six years she was troubled by stomach pain, malaria, hunger and human cruelty. Kidnappers gave them all kinds of torture, they did as much bad as they do, but she tolerates everything because of the power of faith.In 2008 the Colombian government rescued her.
she was humiliated, beaten and sexually assaulted by the guerrillas but with this little article, you can understand how her faith sustained her.

this was just a small introduction to her but if you really want to understand the power of faith, limitations of your body and your mind you should read her books

Even Silence Has An End-My 6 Years Of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle

Until death do us part: my struggle to reclaim Colombia

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