Some daily essential things you should buy

You guys are planning to hang out, the first thing you need is music and here is the first gadget you should have with you and because it is portable you can start anywhere.

If you are a music lover then this will the perfect choice for you.


waterproof/Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In Microphone

ZAAP was built out of respect for the complete digital freedom to change the way you live, work and play with your mobile electronics. if you want to enjoy music in your garden in any weather you can.Play straight, easily answer phone calls with built-in microphone, change tracks or adjust the volume, all without picking up your phone.
If you want to go with a cheap option then you can see this.

P10 Wireless 3W Super Bass Speaker
Charges in 3 hours. Answer, end, reject calls. Listen to music with volume adjustment.

2-Belkin Wemo Home Automation Switch and Motion Sensor (White)

If you are a lazy one and love your laziness then this is really for you, jokes apart but really it’s an important gadget that will save your electricity bill, because The Belkin WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit gives you wireless control of your home appliances and electronics turning devices of your choice on or off as soon as movement is detected. The sensor plugs into an outlet and detects motion up to 10 feet away. It then sends a wireless signal to the WeMo Switch to turn the connected device either on or off. Using the free WeMo App you can program a light to turn on when you walk into the house or the TV to turn off when you leave. In addition to motion control, you can always
use the WeMo App to turn your electronics on or off anytime from anywhere. You can also connect your Motion sensor to IFTTT. com so you can get email or SMS notifications when your children get home from school or even when your cat visits the litter tray. WeMo uses your home Wi-Fi network and also operates over mobile internet-so you can even control things while you are away. WeMo is completely modular allowing you to control as much or as little of your house as you like. WeMo is your home at your fingertips.

Another product is also from wemo


The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set lets you control, schedule and dim your wireless LED lighting from anywhere. Controlling them individually or as a group is easy and all you’ll need is the free WeMo App. The WeMo LED Blubs can be dimmed, set to schedules so they turn on at sunset and be set to automatically turn on and off to simulate occupancy, which is great when you’re away from home. They can also be set to gradually dim at night, so you fall asleep in a more natural way. The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set comes with two WeMo Smart LED bulbs and also includes the WeMo Link, which can control up to 50 WeMo Smart LED Bulbs. With warm light, similar to a traditional incandescent, the WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set are the perfect companions to your home.


4-Jannat Deluxe New Electric Egg Boiler, Egg Steamer, Egg Cooker 
If You are a bachelor then this gadget is helpful for you just fill required water and egg that’s all.
This innovative product made of high-quality stainless steel heater boils eggs in just 7 mins. It boils the egg in steam with 25 ML Water. It is advisable to use drinking water for the long life of the heater. Add Water According to the measuring Pot, you can steam different extent eggs. it will be delicious, nutritional, elasticity as well. it’s easy to peel the shell. and the eggs won’t crack on the account of the design of cut-out hole.

5-Philips BG1025/15 Body Groomer

It can trim hair as close as 0.5 mm without the blade hurting your skin. The unique skin protector makes it possible to trim even the most sensitive areas of your body safely.Easily get rid of hair even those that grow in different directions with this Philips trimmer. It has been designed to trim hair both forward and backward.

It has been designed to trim hair both forward and backward.Seamlessly trims hair in both directions. the best thing about this product is that it comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee, also, it can comfortably trim longer hair using the 3mm comb, easy to clean and use in or out of the shower.





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