Meter Reading Of Happiness-3

Isn’t it the perception is the reason of happiness?????

Today I am going to tell you with the help of this blog that sadness and happiness solely depend on our perceptions.

The very fact that our perception depends on our mood as well as the circumstances, here we will do an experiment and you will definitely understand the fact.

Just saw this picture and think about it…

You definitely will not found anything that gives you the reason for happiness here either you think about loneliness all over.

Now again we will see this picture with some changes

This time your perception for this picture and for this place changes and this is what our mind is…

Self-justification is the key point to be happy in the life it’s up to us how we take this.

Lows are natural in everyone’s life but its our justification with our perceptions that how we deal with that.

Adaptation is our medicine to deal with every moment of time and it happens when we do something the same way every time

to be continued..

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