Meter Reading Of Happiness 2

This is not just a simple picture

This is hope for life
This is something that cant be explain
This is something that flows in the air
This is beyond anything they get best at least for this time

They for the first time get electricity in their village.

After seeing them very happy, I ask them what is this then they all by their very smiling faces and very
surprisingly say, you don’t know this?

I nodded as no

Then they explain it as this thing generates electricity and that thing (by indicating transformer) handles it.
( aapko nahi pata isse hi bijli banti hai aur jo bada machine hai (means transformer) iska wo bahar hai) and just start dancing.


how innocent they are…
without knowing anything they pretend themselves master
of this and just start dancing

It’s a simple thing just a meter that shows the reading of electricity used but for them this is.. I don’t know what to say I think you can understand this feeling……

What is the feeling of electricity they know well because
they born in this village they just saw the light in the night as a moon, star
or as a traditional lamp or whenever they go to any fair for roaming,
because this is unelectrified villages where they never saw electricity in their whole life.
But this is the first time when they get the electricity in their home.
They thought that this thing is very difficult for them but now they will use it.

For us maybe this is not so happiest thing because we never live without electricity,
and we feel very uncomfortable when for some time power cut happens or for any reason we have to live without Electricity for one day.


Happiness can be anywhere and in any situation
We have to just appreciate what we have.

This is what we called happiness.

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