Google Assistant With Smart Display -New In The Technology

This smart display is from Lenovo and will go on sale on some major retail shop and online store but Only in the US.
Hopefully, this will come to India soon.


Hello friends

We all are familiar with google assistant and this was a great feeling to use google assistant
in our day to day life but have u ever think that u just speak and google assistant will show everything as desired by in a big and smart Display.
Here google assistant will come with the smart display. This will give you a new visual experience.

Now with this device, you are able to find everything in a visual way like maps, calendar, Photos.
here in a simple voice command you will get in touch with all your basic requirements and make your home smart home.

Use it in a kitchen and cook your food smartly.

If you have any recipe in your mind just say Google and learn step by step process visually
and make your food Smartly

Watch any of your tv shows anywhere and anytime.

Without having a trouble of clear voice, a sound box you can watch your fav tv shows and the
most imp thing is that without having a device in your hand you can easily listen to podcast roaming anywhere in your home.

Read your Fav book

you can read your fav book on this smart display and listen to it .the best thing is- it will start the book again from where you have last time stop the reading either you have read it on your phone.

Manage Your daily routine and Ask any question.

You can manage all your daily routine with this device and this device will smartly do everything.
also, suppose you have any question in your mind don’t worry just ask and get the answer immediately.

Remember your old days

With this device, you can enjoy your old photos in the background also you can make the directory of photos and watch it anytime.

So overall we can wait for this device to launch in India soon so that we can use it and enjoy all the features and make our smart home.

thanks for reading.

Source-all the photos are from Google blog post

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